Membership and Benefits




Membership and Benefits




Our membership programs are focused on your businesses success. We have a wide range of memberships available to help your company gain visibility, credibility and exclusivity.


Connect with other business leaders by attending our events throughout the year, countless involvement opportunities and a number of free educational forums. When you join, relocate or celebrate an anniversary, we can help mark the occasion with a ribbon cutting.


Become part of a group of people who want to be successful and want others to be successful as well. We also facilitate several events that give back to the community and supoort non-profit organizations.

Why Join?

When you join the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce your business gains instant access to resources, discounts and an extended network that allows your business to save money, market your products and services and makes it easier to do business in New Mexico.

MEAP 401k

Rio Rancho Chamber 401k MEAP Program is available to all members: Learn what the Rio Rancho Chamber Chamber 401(k) program can do to help you balance cost and value. Contact Keith Jordan at 505-306-0919 to learn more.

Marketing Experience

Do you need help getting the word out about your business or organization? The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce offers a variety of marketing opportunities that will boost your business to the next level. We provide video, radio, news print, email, web, and social media marketing.

Expanded Networking

Growing your network as a small business owner is extremely important. If you are looking for exposure, business leads, best practices, support, advice, and getting connected. Our connections are established by hosting a variety of mixers, luncheons, business expos and after-hours events so that you can connect with other local leaders and business minded people.


The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce is your source for a unified voice that supports the needs of business at the local, state and national level. We are your proponent in New Mexico we support economic expansion and doing what is right for businesses and community.

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Membership Application

Ready to join? Please fill out the digtal membership application.

If you have any questions please contact Susan:

at 505-892-1533

Reasons to join

The Rio Rancho Chamber is exceptional! The support they provide, in particular, non-profits, is unprecedented in other communities across NM. Keep up the great work and support you provide those of us with businesses and organizations in Rio Rancho.

Ginny Thomas

I’m here to help you learn more about the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Jaime Gallardo

Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce