September 28, 2022

The Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are endorsing the Sandoval County courthouse bond that will appear on the November 8th general election.

The bond will expand the existing 13th Judicial District courthouse facilities to fill the needs of New Mexico’s fastest growing county. The expansion of the courthouse is needed to fulfill the requirements of a state statute that requires the county to provide adequate quarters for the operation of the district court and juvenile probation services. Currently, 13th Judicial District has five judges and there is a need for and additional judge based on Sandoval County’s growth. Since the courthouse was built in 2005, Sandoval County’s population has grown 43% and the courts caseload has increased by over 60%.

The addition to the existing courthouse would feature a total of seven courtrooms, three additional hearing rooms, and a new jury-capable courtroom in a two-story, 48,000 square foot building.

To further reduce the impact of the bond, the county is pursuing alternate sources of financing, such as state capital outlay and grant funding. The proposed bond will impact property taxes on homeowners, if passed, at an annual rate of approximately $20 on a $300,000 home and will decline beginning in 4 years when existing taxes term out and are fulfilled.

The Chamber board has endorsed this bond to ensure Rio Rancho, Corrales and all of Sandoval County has the courtrooms available to maintain public safety in our community. Residents choose to relocate to Rio Rancho for many reasons, but especially its record for public safety. Ensuring our courts are not over-burdened will help protect our public safety record. Many communities in New Mexico and the United States have seen dramatic increases in crime, so its important we take the steps necessary to ensure Sandoval County has courts available to maintain timely judicial system and protect our community from having to release suspected criminals due to not having court rooms available.

Based on the growing needs of Sandoval County and the need for public safety in our community, the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is endorsing the Court House Bond and asking all residence to vote YES on Second General Obligation Bond.


 Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors