The MolinaCares Accord, in collaboration with Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, recently hosted
a virtual panel focused on the future of maternal and child health care in New Mexico, the effects of the
COVID-19 pandemic on women’s health, and solutions that have been identified and implemented to
improve the number of healthy births and babies in the state. The event was hosted by Carolyn Ingram,
plan president of Molina Healthcare of New Mexico, and featured a discussion from a panel of experts
moderated by Megan Kamerick, news director for KUNM.

The panel of experts included Monica Esparza, executive director of the New Mexico Breastfeeding Task
Force, Nicolle Gonzales, founder of the Changing Woman Initiative, and Marissa Visscher, program
manager for Many Mothers. The panel discussed the challenges and disparities in maternal and child
health care in New Mexico, as well as the ways in which the pandemic elevated these issues. The panel
also focused on best practices for healthcare providers, policymakers and employers to address these
challenges and provide equitable access to quality healthcare for mothers and children across the state.
View the full panel here: