Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce

2023 Legislative Priorities


Priority Issues and Bills


This year is a 60-day session that will feature new leadership for both the Majority (Democrats) and the Minority (Republicans).  There are several newly elected representatives with many new or revised districts due to redistricting results established by the census.  There is an estimated $3.8 billion surplus that will be available for one-time initiatives.

  • Paseo Del Volcan/infrastructure: Southern Sandoval County and Westside Albuquerque has seen significant growth over the past twenty years. Funding is needed for Paseo Del Volcan to be extended from Rio Rancho to I-40 to create a westside loop and to encourage large scale commercial development. Albuquerque has not built a major road in Northwest Albuquerque in over 20 years.  Funding is needed to complete the widening of Unser to 4 lanes, Paseo Del Norte widening from Atrisco Vista to Golf Course, completion of McMahon to Universe.  These improvements will promote economic growth and jobs in the area to reduce traffic on bridges.
  • Career Technical Education: Dedicate ongoing (recurring) revenue streams to support school districts, charter schools, and colleges in the establishment and ongoing operation of career-technical programs.
    • Provide non-recurring start-up funding for facilities, equipment, and qualified teachers and staff.
    • Provide public school capital outlay funding for career-technical education facilities.
    • Provide a mechanism to facilitate K-12/postsecondary partnerships as well as partnerships with business and industry to provide career pathways beginning in high school and extending through post-secondary training and career internships and apprenticeships.


  • Workforce Development: Funding to develop, build and upskill our workforce. WIOA funding is limited and can only be used to provide services to low-income youth between the ages of 14-24 and the youth must have one or more of the following employment barriers: deficient in basic literacy; a school dropout; homeless; a runaway; a foster child; pregnant or a parent; or an ex-offender. The Chamber supports additional funding for training and development of out of school youth and adult dislocated workers to advance their career opportunities.
  • Tax Reduction: End pyramid taxing on businesses based in New Mexico which will save small businesses from paying GRT on contracted services. These services including accounting, bookkeeping, engineering, and much more.  Endorse the removal of paying taxes on social security benefits.  In addition, we endorse the removal of taxes on all social security benefits.
  • Public Safety: Increased funding for policing in New Mexico and change laws related to criminals in the state.
    • Pre-Trial Detention: Change New Mexico law to enforce that a person arrested for violent or other serious crimes is a danger to the public and should be held in jail prior to his/her trial unless defendant can show otherwise.
    • Organized Retail Theft: Support legislation providing for the aggregation of the market value of shoplifted property over a period and establishing thresholds for felony organized retail crime that includes a minimum amount of time incarcerated if guilty.


  • Broadband: Improve broadband access to all areas of the state and to ensure regulations do not reduce competitiveness amongst carriers particularly in rural and underserved metropolitan communities.