In your opinion, what sets the Chamber apart from other business organizations in the area?

The Chamber of Commerce is designed to foster the growth and create business opportunities for collective interests.  Typically, businesses compete with one another to develop their cliental and generate revenue.  The Chamber brings businesses together for the betterment of the surrounding community.  The stronger the Chamber is the stronger the community is.  

How has the Chamber helped you connect with other businesses and professionals in the community?

The Chamber has been a great resource for me to connect with other businesses and professionals in the community through their luncheons, meet and greets, the Mayor’s Gala, Oktoberfest, and  Halloween costume party.  Not only are these fun lighthearted events, but it has also helped me forge relationships with professionals I may not have met without these opportunities.  I am sincerely grateful for everything the Chamber has done for the Community and myself!