I am passionate about our involvement in the RRRCC for a couple of reasons. First, the Chamber provides an incredible amount of value for its members and the community. The Chamber is the perfect vehicle by which members of our community can take an active role in, not only engaging with the issues facing our community, but actually being part of the solution. Furthermore, Sparklight is part of this community in a unique and important way. Our associates live, work, play, and raise their families in the community. This community has cared for and supported us, and as Sparklight associates, the Chamber allows for us to leverage the unique role that our company mission and values play in the community we support. In short, we support the Chamber because the Chamber supports our community.

The Chamber is incredibly important to the success and identity of the community, as a whole. The Chamber advocates for its members in a way that adds incredible value to the people and businesses of the region by building a bridge between the public and private partnerships that are so critical to the lifeblood of our community. Through its diverse network of employees, members, and volunteers, the RRRCC represents, not only, the unique challenges that face our community, but also the engagement that fosters solutions from those partnerships. The RRRCC is a real example of the total being greater than the sum of its individual parts, and speaking for myself, Sparklight, and the families and friends represented by our team, we are incredibly grateful for the dedication and engagement of our RRRCC.